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Ségal & Selig Antiques

Expert Art Collection Valuation Services

At Ségal & Selig, we offer comprehensive Art Collection Valuation Services, providing independent appraisals with the utmost precision and confidentiality. Our team of experts specializes in evaluating a wide range of art pieces, including porcelain, silver objects, antiques, and paintings. With years of experience and a profound understanding of art history, we are equipped to deliver specialist valuations and detailed descriptions that stand the test of the most discerning scrutiny.

In-depth Knowledge and Market Insight

Staying abreast of the latest trends and events in the art market is crucial, and our experts ensure they are well-informed to provide you with the most accurate valuation. With access to premier art databases and the latest auction results, we offer valuations that reflect the current market reality. Our personal, confidential, and discreet advisory services are backed by an extensive network of experts, appraisers, and colleagues across Europe’s most reputable auction houses.

Tailored Valuation Services

We understand that every art piece is unique, and our approach to valuation is equally distinctive. Whether determining the current market value for resale or providing expert opinions for insurance purposes, our analyses are grounded in up-to-date market data and international price databases.

Submitting a Valuation Request

Submitting a valuation request with Ségal & Selig is a seamless process. We have outlined a simple checklist to help you provide the necessary details for a precise valuation.

  1. Photograph your object from at least two perspectives
  2. Additional information such as materials, signatures, brands or other concise details should also be recorded
  3. Ensure good lighting conditions and do not send black and white images
  4. Also enter the dimensions of the object: height, width and diameter if applicable
  5. And, if available, the information on the origin and copies of all previous assessments, invoices or certificates

We understand the value and importance of your art collection. That is why our team at Ségal & Selig is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service that meets your needs. We thank you for your trust in us and assure you of our prompt and detailed attention to your request.

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